What’s Wrong with this Picture?

The Missing Piece in the Affordable Housing Problem Is NOT In the General Plan!

The City Planning Manager admitted that their
Inclusionary Housing Policy is “outdated.”

So, what is that?

This Policy spells out what is to be included in a Project. In this case, Kari Finley was referring to Affordable Housing. The missing component is ENFORCABILITY.

Currently, the City could approve 50k new affordable units tomorrow, but it does not have a policy in place that enables them to demand the developer stick to the deal or forfeit the project. The developer can just claim it doesn’t pencil out. If the units under the aegis of the State RHNA 2621 are built, everything else can vanish as it did from Dos Vientos. To create affordability requires more than lip-service. What needs to happen is simple: Write a New Policy, WITH TEETH. If the City stands its ground as the State is suggesting, developers must comply. The City needs to get its own house in order before coming to us for change.

NOT more luxury condos or developer profits.

Tell the City to Rectify Its Own Shortcomings as a First Step to Solutions

Stop the Developer Power Grab!

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