Would You Plan This Way?

The New Proposed Projects Throughout the City will send
100,000 Additional Car Trips per Day through Intersections.
Our City says that Infrastructure planning will come later.

Would You Plan this Way?

Where will the Funds come from to Pay for the Upgrades?
Will We be Taxed? What Will Developers Pay?

The City Refuses to State what A Population of 218,000, an increase of 69%, Will do to our Roadways. Why? Is anyone at the Helm?
We Hear No Logical, Reassuring Words, Only Evasion and Condescension The Combined Impact of All These Projects Could Paralyze the City.

Survey Deadline: May 12th
At toaks2045.org
Stop the Developer Power Grab!
Visit CVASP.org for information
And Links to City Council Members. Write!

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