There is Reason to Pause, Reflect, and Simply Wait

In the frenzy of the last few months, where the City
has seemed apoplectic about building NOW and BIG and
TALL, and DENSE, here is a humble reason to do the opposite.

Take a Breath.

Every eight years, the State sends what it calculates is needed in
new housing approvals to every city. This is the RHNA #.
The Current RHNA number of units is 2,621.

Cue the Cranes? No, we are on the verge of a change in what the
State counts as acceptable units. It turns out that the state is
considering counting ADUs (granny flats) as acceptable
affordable units. If so, change could be gradual and randomly
sprinkled through the existing homes in the Valley.

There. Doesn’t that Feel Better?
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