City Breaks its Promise to Keep TALL, Mixed-Use Projects Out of Established Neighborhoods

Current Proposals Would Build 50-foot Projects Homes Adjacent to Homes. One puts a dense 720 units next to homes, destroying privacy and quiet, creating traffic bottlenecks and safety questions for children walking to school & library.

Another puts dense 35’ high and 260 units behind Kohls.

These incursions into neighborhoods will be in addition to those planned on the former school site with over 600 units are planned in a 50’ Mix-Use complex. Additionally, 75’ buildings have been approved on commercial sites at from Wendy to Lakeview Freeway Exits.

These large projects will create massively increased Traffic on Newbury Road, with side streets backed up, and serious bottlenecks at Borchard and Ventu. The Projects will change the character of these established neighborhoods forever. Insist the City Keep Its Promise—It could be Your Neighborhood NEXT!
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