A Deal is A Deal! (Unless you are a Developer)

Above is the 1978 Signed County Flood Easement Document* for the Wetland at Borchard/101

In 1989, when the Developer bought the nearly 37 acres of swamp land at Borchard and 101 for less than $7,000 per acre, the land had been designated as a floodplain for twelve years. The reason for the bargain price was that it was considered almost unbuildable except for a few carefully placed single family homes.

The Buyer, thus, knew this fact. Further, Residents in adjacent properties were assured that their neighbors would be in single family homes, not some commercial venture. How is it that the City now, and without a vote of the people, plans to allow 50’ Mixed-Use Projects (the height of four Berlin Walls stacked one on top of another,) at Residents’ property lines? The Visual and Noise pollution would be outrageous. Exposing 300 homes to flooding is unthinkable. Will you Betray Residents for a Developer?

A Deal is a Deal!

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City Council Members: Will you Renege on your promise to existing neighborhoods?


*Send to cvasp.org@outlook.com for complete document. We’ll email it to you in a doc.

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