75’ Buildings Proposed across the Valley!

Generic Sample Above Provided for A Sense of Scale

75’: Wendy, Rancho Conejo, Ventu Park Road, Wilbur/Hillcrest , at Moorpark Rd,/ T.O. Blvd.

75’: 101/Moorpark Rd, Thousand Oaks Blvd. /Lakeview

75’: Lowes/ Home Depot/Target area, Ross/PetSmart area, Wendy’s area, Hotels on Ventu

75’: In ‘n Out area, Ventu North area: Ralph’s/Hotel area; from Kelly to Ventu

75 Feet is more than Twice the Current Height Limit!
There is No Infrastructure to support a 100% Increase

Over 100,000 added Car Trips per day
No Ridgeline View Protection

Just say No!

Don’t Trash Our Town!

Write to City Council. See links at CVASP.org

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